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Sheridan Villa Redevelopment
Mississauga, Ontario

The Region of Peel’s largest long-term care home underwent renovations to meet the current standards of the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. The total redevelopment necessitated a downsizing of the home from a 236-bed capacity (“C” classification) to 142 beds (“A” classification). The 135,300 square foot redevelopment occurred primarily within the existing building envelope in three distinct construction phases. Residents were not arbitrarily displaced from the home to accommodate alterations to the home. New construction included expansion of lounge and activity spaces and a one-storey greenhouse.  Continued operations of the main kitchen, laundry, administrative services and other facility support spaces were paramount when considering the phasing and staging of the redevelopment.  Input from residents, staff, volunteers and family members were all incorporated into the redevelopment of the home.